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Everything you ever wanted to know about your session.

How long will my session be?

As long as your child is enjoying themselves. Usually this is about 1 to 2 hours followed by a rest and a reassessment. If a child is really keen to keep on playing then by all means we will continue to make the most of the moment.

Sessions times are not limited and Nathan does not charge extra if shoots go on a little longer than normal. The important thing is to be flexible and go with the flow of the day.

Nathan does not book more than one session in one day.

Where will the session take place?

Anywhere you want! My studio, your home, a local park or garden, some where that really reminds you of Tokyo and your experiences in Japan – you make the call. I generally recommend that newborns are photographed at your home – easier on them – easier on you!!

If you have plans for a trip to somewhere special and you would like Nathan to come along and help document the day then great! Nathan doesn't charge extra for travel time and as long as you are willing to cover the travel expences we are willing to go where ever you have in mind.

What about clothes?

Simple is best, bring one light solid colored top and one dark solid colored top and a pair of jeans. With the basses covered we then have room to play around and be creative. If Amleie has a crazy obsession with hats (Im drawing directly from my daughter here) then by all means bring along the accessories that will let her be herself. If Jet likes to dress up in bow ties and Dad's work boots then bring them too! - Bring a few changes and let's have fun!.

With hair and the like natural is best. Allow your child to wear their hair as they do everyday. I feel that portrait sessions work best when the child is hardly even aware of the importance of the occasion just allowed to be themselves.

What about sickness or if we need to delay?

Sickness as an unfortunate reality when it comes to little ones. There is no point in forcing a child into participation when they are not feeling 100%. Nathan charges no fees for switching dates if your little one is not feeling the best. Appointments need to be rescheduled within a 21 day period or a 20% surcharge on the the portrait session fee will be levied.

Anything else I should think about?

Well rested children with happy tummies make the best models!

If your child has a favorite blanky or stuffed animal – bring it! Someday, you’ll want to be able to embarrass your kid by breaking out the shots of tattered old Mr. Spotty. Other things you might bring: a favorite toy, a small bunch of fresh cut flowers, a dance costume or sports uniform and the accompanying paraphenalia – what does your child love???

Session Fees

Weekday Session Fee ¥40,000
Saturday / Sunday /Public Holliday Session Fee ¥50,000

(Introduce a friend and recieve a 50% discount off the session fee!)

Included in the session fee is a DVD containing preview images from your session so you can post the photos on your blog, email them to your friends and family or post them to your facebook account.

Print Fees

Fine art prints are made with the highest quality archival, Fine Art and Black and White papers availableto protect your special memories.

5"x 7" ¥2,500
8"x 10" ¥5,500
10"x 12" ¥7,500
11"x 14" ¥10,000
13"x 19" ¥15,000
16"x 20" ¥35,000


Soft Cover:

SS-20: 8" x 6" ( 20 pages) ¥15,000
SS-30: 8" x 6" ( 30 pages) ¥20,000

SM-20: 11" x 8.5" (20 pages) ¥15,000
SM-30: 11" x 8.5" (30 pages) ¥20,000

Hard Cover:

HS-20: 11" x 8.5" ( 20 pages) ¥30,000
HS-30: 11" x 8.5" ( 30 pages) ¥35,000

HM-20: 13" x10" (20 pages) ¥35,000
HM-30: 13" x 10" (30 pages) ¥40,000

Post Cards, Birthday and Christmas Cards.

Made to order personalized cutsom design postcards, birthday and special event cards are hand made to your specifications. Prices are subject to design specifications.

50~100 Custom Printed Postcards ¥20,000
100~ 200 Custom Printed Postcards ¥25,000

Special Packages!

We've put together a few custom package to help stretch the yen a little further.

¥55,000 Package.
(Value ¥82,000 / save ¥27,000)

Session Fee
5" x 7" print x 4
8" x 10" print x 4
100 Custom designed postcards.
All images at high quality resolution on a DVD

¥85,000 Package. (Value ¥139,000 / save ¥74,000)
Session Fee
5" x 7" print x 8
8" x 10" print x 8
11"x 14" ¥10,000 x 1
200 Custom designed postcards
All images at high quality resolution on a DVD

¥120,000 Package. (Value ¥201,000 / save ¥81,000)
Session Fee
5" x 7" print x 8
8" x 10" print x 10
20 Page Soft Cover 8"x6" Book x 4 or 20 Page Soft Cover 11"x 8.5" Book x 3
200 Custom designed postcards
All images at high quality resolution on a DVD


* Session fees cover the time and talent of the photographer only, no prints are included.

*Session fees must be paid in full to reserve the date and are due at time of booking.

*Cancellations must be rescheduled within 21 days of the originally scheduled shoot day otherwise a 20% surcharge on the sesssion fee will be levied.

*Copyright of all images remains the solely with the photographer, Nathan Shanahan, and it is illegal and unlawful to scan, copy or other wise reproduce work in any format with prior written consent of the photographer.

*Sessions are not available to those not willing to sign a model and copyright release.

*Your private online gallery expires 7 days after the preview has been issued. Orders placed after the 7 day period will incur a 20% service fee. Please understand that this is for workflow purposes only.

*Payment for prints must be made in full at the time of ordering.

*Due to the custom nature of each session all sales are final.